Aitutaki Accommodations

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Aitutaki Accommodations                 Location                                                                             
Pacific Resort Aitutaki Amuri
The Aitutaki Resort and SpaMotu Akitua
Samade On The Beach Ootu
Tamanu Beach Tamanu Beach

Akaiami Paradise Beach Front Akaiami
Aretai Beach Villas
Inano Beach Bungalows
Etu Moana Beach Villas Amuri
Petero's Place Nikaupara
Aitutaki Beach Villa
Seaside Lodges Amuri
Amuri Pool Villa Amuri
Amuri Sands Amuri
Are-A-Matatui Amuri
Amuri Guesthouse - Ph 682 31749Ngatuaine & Maraiti Tom - Amuri
Sunny Beach Lodge and Beachfront BungalowsAmuri
Paratrooper - Ph Int 682 31248Host Geoff and Maine Roy Amuri
Akaea Cottage - Ph Int 682 31426Amuri
The Castle - Ph & Fax Int (682 31839 Day)(Evening 31010) Nikaupara
Vaikoa Units - Ph Int 682 31145Amuri
Gina's Beach and Garden Lodges Akaiami / Tautu Village

Maina Sunset - PO Box 373, Cook Islands Phone +682 25432 Fax +682 25432 A small and friendly destination on the south-west end of Aitutaki
Matriki Beach Huts Amuri
Paradise Cove Lodges
Paparei Bungalows Ureia

Rino's Beach Apartments Ureia
Rino's Aitutaki HotelsUreia

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